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English Zelda Ocarina - Tenor G
$40 CAD

English Ocarina of Time
This ocarina is made for fans of the Zelda games. There are three triangles imprinted on the mouthpiece painted with gold. This piece has been given a non-toxic glossy finish. It has 6 note holes (technically 7 with the split small hole), is tuned to C, and has a total natural range of G4 to B5. It works like a standard 6 hole English ocarina with a split small hole for improved intonation. It can be worn as a pendant.


  • Medium-light breath pressure to play in pitch
  • Even breath pressure required throughout it's range
  • Slightly textured tone
  • Dual pendant hole design for improved wearability
  • It measures 5.1 inches (128mm) wide , 3.1 inches (77mm) from mouthpiece to back, and 2.2 inches (56mm) tall.
  • Weight: 207 grams
  • Tuned to concert pitch A = 440hz


Shipping is currently a flat rate of $8. Combined shipping is at no extra cost.

Diatonic scale sound sample - Tenor F - 1.5mb

All English ocarinas come with a string, owner's guide, and song and scale sheet!


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