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English Ocarina - Soprano G
Terra Cotta
$25 CAD

This ocarina is made from terra cotta clay. There is an amanita imprinted on the mouthpiece painted with gold. This piece has been given a non-toxic finish. The end of the mouthpiece is burnished and left unfinished for optimal comfort. It is a 7 hole ocarina (technically it has 8 note holes including the split small hole), is tuned to G, and has a total natural range of F#5 to B6. It works like a standard 6 hole English ocarina with a split small hole for more accurate intonation at the bottom of it's range. There is also a sub-hole for an extra low note. It can be worn as a pendant.


  • Medium breath pressure to play in pitch
  • Even breath pressure required throughout it's range
  • Slighty textured tone on the low notes, clear tone on high notes
  • Dual pendant hole design for improved wearability
  • It measures 3.4 inches (83mm) wide , 2.1 inches (52mm) from mouthpiece to back, and 1.2 inches (30mm) tall.
  • Weight: 83 grams
  • Tuned to concert pitch A = 440hz


Shipping is currently a flat rate of $8. Combined shipping is at no extra cost.

Diatonic scale sound sample - Soprano G - 1.7mb

All English ocarinas come with a string, owner's guide, and song and scale sheet!


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