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About Island Ocarinas

Island Ocarinas is a small craft business that is run by myself, Adrian Berthelette. I make my instruments in my home studio here on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I began making ocarinas in the spring of 2003. I found the basic information on how to craft a clay whistle on the internet and refined it from there. At first they appeared to be crude clay whistles, but as I began to make more, they gradually improved. I kept experimenting with different shapes and tunings. Eventually I developed a pentatonic style ocarina. I started using a real time digital tuner to tune them accurately, and also began making the English style ocarina invented by John Taylor in the 1960's.

I found that by layering two or three different colors of clay I could make a marbled swirl pattern as can been seen on some of my instruments. They go through many phases to reach completion, so they are made in small batches. They are made with great attention to detail to ensure they are quality intruments. Each piece is appraised after firing, if any flaws are detected then that piece is marked down in value. The ocarinas I offer online are all professional quality unless otherwise stated.

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